About Us

Meet the Forkers

We are a truly international team just like Bitcoin and Cryptos are truly international currencies. This community is global and growing by the day. We are made up of Bitcoin geeks, crypto currency traders, forking cool content creators, writers, artists and film makers. We have veterans of Bitcoin who have experienced this industry from its early days through to people who are new to this but see what an amazing community it is to be part of.

Head Forker

I bring 20 years’ experience of computer networking. I delivered major projects in the UK and Europe as the backbone of the internet was build out. I started a PKI consultancy during this period as Crypto and its future applications were something
that fascinated me. I have a passion for content creation, working with good people and most importantly devoting all my energy to something I believe in. I have found this in Bitcoin.

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Tech Forker

Kris first started looking in to bitcoin 10 years ago. Over the last 3 year Kris has since become a expert in the technical side of bitcoin. Kris started Satoshi House, which is offering a working environment for bitcoin developers. Kris studied Bitcoin & Crypto currencies Technologies at Princeton, Computer science at Harvard and Corporate accounting at Purdue. Kris have a vast knowledge in bitcoin mining after running his own mining operation.

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Didi Taihuttu
All-in Forker

People know me as, dad of yolofamilytravel, dad of The Bitcoin Family, Bitcoin Didi, Didi the Lifehacker the man who sold
his house and everything else for BTC. Most people got to know me because of selling all our belongings and investing it into Bitcoin in 2017. To be honest I am just a guy who wanted to change his life with his family after I had been running the
hamster wheel full power for 15 years. I needed to change and I did. Everybody can change life if you get a little help with it.

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Marcus Falck
Web Forker

eMule P2P Veteran from the very beginning. In the websites most popular period, eMule.de reached aprox. 900.000 Unique visitors a month. Maintaining the server structure for over 450.000 registered community members and 20.000 downloads
per day. Redesign & Software Implementation for the discussion boards.

George Urben
SEO Forker

George started web design and search engine optimization back in 1996 when his first website got a number one ranking on Altavista and Yahoo. In 2009 he was certified as a professional internet marketer. Since then he has worked with countless customers in the tourist and diving industry to get their websites optimized for Google and other search engines. From 2012 to 2016 he worked for PassageMaker, a China based US sourcing company with 11 websites

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Jesse Maddox
Content Forker

As a longtime filmmaker and musician, I’ve spent most of my time in a creative space, whether it’s for work, a passion project or for simple amusement. I've been working with the Hardforking team on content for the various media platforms we have including our Living the Dream series. A Boston kid from the start, I eventually spent 5 years working in Hollywood. I finally lost interest enough in the plasticity of it all SO MUCH that I decided to make a massive change, a Hardfork, and move to Asia. I fell in love with Bangkok and for the past 8 years, I’ve been building my life and business here. I currently run The Best Studio Co., (a boutique production studio in Bangkok) and I’m also in an electronic music band called Rock Shreller. I love Bitcoin and I am HODL all the way.

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What Is A Hard Fork? Hard Forking Explained!

What we can do for you

  • Teach you about Bitcoin
  • Show you where and how and why to buy Bitcoins
  • Help you understand the hundreds of other cryptocurrency coins.
  • Cover trading in both Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies
  • Cover the new trends in hard forks and keep you up to date on what to do during one.
  • Show you where to get everything you need in the Bitcoin and crypto space including the latest hardware and software wallets.

Mission Statement

Our main goal is to grow this community by welcoming you to it with great content that is understandable, fun and current. Much of what we offer is designed for beginner to intermediate levels of knowledge, but you will find great content for all levels and for your progression through this space.

We ultimately started this site because we realised that buying Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and ICO’s just wasn’t as easy as it should be. What are wallets? How do I secure my Bitcoin and crypto? What are all these other coins and how do I buy and trade them? Hardforks? Seriously, there are lots of crypto coins and you should know what they are, who started them and why. You can only make informed decisions with quality information so make sure to always seek that out. These are all new topics to be learnt properly to avoid making mistakes.

We produce content but also go to great lengths to find the best content from all sources. Make sure you always check out our best of lists. Everything from the best crypto YouTube channels, the best Bitcoin beginner guides, the best Bitcoin news websites, it’s all here.

Hardforking Video & Media Production

How can you be involved?

Tell your friends, send them the links. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW. Let everyone know your thoughts on the products and services available in the Bitcoin, crypto and ICO world. Let’s find the best places to buy, sell and trade together and let everyone else know. Ultimately, we want you to contribute to this space as well. That may take some time as you learn the basics but we want to hear from you… a lot.

Another way you can help grow this community is to donate when you really like something. From just the tip to full on forking, find some content you love, then donate to the creators by using the code next to the media you would like to see more of. We aren’t paid to make this content so help keep it going.

Ultimately this whole community only works if we get more people like you spreading the word so SHARE SHARE SHARE.

From beginner to winner in one week!

From beginner to a feeling of being in control of what you’re doing will happen at different speeds. Our goal is to provide all the resources to get you up to speed fast. It’s SO important to understand the basics and a good way to do that is to start small and learn with minimal risk. It is not that difficult once you have made your first purchase and learnt about wallets and exchanges but don’t make silly mistakes. Follow the correct steps.